"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will."  (Romans 12:2)

For most of us, discernment was either a non-existent component of Christian practice, or it was exercised with little discussion of the practice. The topic of community discernment is seldom explored in Christian writings or other teachings. This audio series seeks to explore many facets of community discernment, give language for these concepts and give groups specific tools they can use in community.

Each audio recording presents one or a few related topics. In those discussions you will find exploration of scripture, case studies, and practical helps to present actionable material for you and your discernment team.

This series could be completed alone or with a group. However, since the topic is community discernment, the listener is admonished to find at least one friend who can journey with you. It is far richer to explore this content alongside others!

23 Audio Teachings

This course includes 23 audio segments with a total run time of 10 hours. Along with each audio is a worksheet with two sets of reflective exercises. One set is to be completed before listening to the audio, and one set after you listen. These reflections are not content-based but are designed to help you be attentive to the state of your heart and attentive to God’s guidance. Every worksheet will have some sort of listening exercise alongside the other activities.

1.  What is Discernment?

Defining the practice of Christian spiritual discernment

2.  Why is Discernment in Teams so Difficult?

Exploring the complexities and challenges that haunt many discerning communities

3.  Developing a Personal Rhythm

Establishing that our personal spiritual rhythms are essential to corporate discernment


4.  Regulating Media

Considering strategies to mitigate the effects of media upon spiritual formation and discernment


5.  Preparing the Space as a Leader

Creating an environment to safely and effectively practice discernment


6.  Asking Good Questions and Guarding the Heart

Learning to focus on God's heart and accept personal formation as part of the discernment process


7.  Releasing Personal Agendas

Strategies for cultivating a heart of indifference while discerning


8.  Let Go of the Crusade to Know Everything

A careful look at our motives and urgency as we seek God's direction


9.  Considering Desire

Exploring several facets of desire and how this impacts discernment


10.  Enlisting Good Team Members

Considerations for selecting helpful team members before and during the discernment process


11.  Setting Expectations

Discussing lessons learned in communicating expectations to the discernment team


12.  Facilitating an Ordered Meeting

Helpful principles to facilitate an ordered and effective discernment meeting


13.  The Safety Net of Discernment

Exploring God's design for practicing discernment in a safe, edifying and loving manner


14.  Using Scripture to Consider a Word

Finding a healthy posture for applying Biblical truths to the active discernment process


15.  The Power of Waiting

Exploring the central role and function of waiting as a discernment team


16.  Good Habits for Listening Prayer

Strategies for facing tiredness and no sense of hearing God


17.  Obstacles to Hearing from God

Discussion of common issues that make it difficult to listen for God's voice


18.  Celebrate Team Diversity

Considerations for utilizing diversity rather than succumbing to the frustrations


19.  Appreciate Your Season

Reflections on some of the seasons for discernment teams and how to lean into those times


20.  Keep Up the Pursuit

Strategies to persevere as a discernment team even when you don't have the answers you seek


21.  Test the Spirits

Discussion of the spiritual warfare that every discernment team will face


22.  Upholding Unity

Defining true biblical unity and its paramount importance in corporate discernment


23.  Networking Considerations

Strategies to navigate discernment efforts that are part of a multi-community network


24.  Friends Model for Discernment

Overview of the Society of Friends model for discernment

Course cost

This course is free of charge.