Prayer leaders love the presence of God.

They are leaders who enter into God's presence regularly, and build their leadership around a joyful life of prayer and abiding in Him. They see the foundation of leadership as being rooted and resting in regular, life-giving time in prayer. They lead their communities into prayer, because communities find identity, meaning, truth, and life in the presence of the Jesus.

Prayer leaders influence the world and the people around them through prayer.

They are pray-ers who lead, shaping situations and outcomes by standing in the presence of God. Prayer leaders take families and communities into places of fruitfulness, abundance, and harvest by empowering them to pray Biblically, confidently, and insightfully, in powerful agreement with one another.

Prayer Leaders are what we seek to raise up, equip, and support.

Whether you are a leader who prays, or a pray-er who leads, here at the School of Prayer Leadership you will find teaching, mentoring, equipping, and fellowship with kindred spirits.