Introducing the course, introducing each other

Welcome to Foundations of Prayer Leadership!

Hello! We are excited that you are here. We love that you are willing to jump into a small family of kindred spirits who are all eager to grow in prayer leadership.

In this introductory lesson, you'll go through a series of short videos in which we introduce and explain some of the framework of the course. We will not dive into a lot of detail about prayer leadership… yet. For this week, you will begin to familiarise yourself with the other people in the course, and how we will approach things.

Let us take a minute to introduce ourselves to you.

A quick intro to the course instructor (2:19 min)

Bandwidth problems? If you are in a “Low-bandwidth situation” and are unable to watch these videos, or to access any other part of the course, please let me know and I can provide alternative ways to access the content.

Why prayer leadership?

Prayer leadership is a topic that is strategic and important for our time. God is stirring up prayer in the global church, and there is a need for leaders.

Why is prayer leadership important? (2:37 min)

Course layout and activities

Each week we will have a lesson, and this lesson will include a number of components that are required, and some others that are optional.


  • Listening to the lesson
  • Study questions
  • Discussion questions on the class forum
  • Writing your ‘transferrable concept’ (more details on the video, and in the weeks to come)
  • Time spent in prayer (2-4 hours over the week)

*In a non-stressful, lots-of-grace-if-you-can’t-do-it-that-week kind of way


  • Journaling
  • Devotional readings
  • Impartation prayer times
  • Live class discussions (on Zoom)

A brief description of some of the components of each lesson (3:30 min)

How the course is paced

We will be taking an approach to our schedule that should give you some room to catch up, if you fall behind or if you have a week that you need to be away. We explain it below in the video.

An overview of the timetable for the course and how to stay caught up (2:15 min)

Who are your fellow learners?

Everyone taking the course shares a heart for prayer and a passion for the Kingdom of God, as well as a willingness to grow in leadership. The other people in the class will be an important part of your learning experience, and you of theirs.

Our classroom community, and how we will interact together (1:00 min)

Getting to know each other

Each week, we’ll be discussing a few things together as a group. These discussions are only visible to people in your class (past and future classes will only be able to see their own group discussions). It’s really worth sharing in an open and vulnerable way. We will grow and learn together as we share things that matter.

The class of Summer 2020 has some really great people in it! You will be learning and interacting alongside each other for the next few months. Over that time, we'll be able to encourage each other and sharpen each other. We'll be able to share thoughts and ideas. Few of us are privileged to be connected to the caliber of people in this class on a regular basis, so let's really take advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other and grow together.

Discussions questions below

So let’s get started right away. In the comments section below are three discussion questions that will help us to get to know each other. I’d like you to take a bit of time to share your thoughts for each one of these questions with the rest of the group. You can just hit reply to each question and then it should be easy to follow. Afterwards. take a few moments to pray for the things that other people write down, that God will abundantly grant them. If you are writing early, you may want to come back and check what others write.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Let’s launch this in prayer!

Let's close off this lesson with a prayer to launch us on the course!

A prayer for the class and all that lies ahead of us (2:27 min)

Next week we’ll jump into our first content, get our Transferrable Concepts set up, and talk about Impartation Prayer times.

Course security: This course uses industry-standard encryption and data security. That means that what you read and write in this website, as well as in the online documents that we share, all use the same standards of security as your online banking site. If you have questions about website or data security, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Your part is (1) to use a strong password for your School of Prayer Leadership account (if you need to change it, you can do so here), and (2) to be careful not to share things that your classmates share in the confidence of this classroom space, without asking them first.

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